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STEM Ambassadors are UVM students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, and trained to deliver experiential STEM activities to Vermont youth. Their mission is to share the possibilities of these fields through hands-on learning experiences and to connect Vermont youth to UVM resources through on-campus events, such as the STEM Showcase.

Using proven models of hands-on learning, STEM Ambassadors aim to inspire and motivate Vermont youth to pursue further education in the STEM fields, while also bringing awareness of STEM opportunities available in Vermont.

STEM Ambassadors facilitate learning modules based on STEM subjects, such as engineering, computer science, environmental science, and robotics. These modules are presented at schools, afterschool programs, youth-serving organizations, on campus, and through online platforms. The Ambassadors create unique programming each semester based on their majors and interests. 

The STEM Ambassadors program is a collaboration between the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Extension, and 4-H. It is a member of the National Engineering Ambassadors Network.

STEM ambassadors teach a group of K-12 Students

STEM Ambassadors provide a window into the vast potential of the STEM fields. By providing dynamic, hands-on learning, STEM Ambassadors inspire and create enthusiasm for STEM subjects. This program builds on interest sparked in the classroom (or afterschool program) and helps school-aged students see themselves as scientists (or engineers, etc.), while also building mentorship through connection to college students studying STEM. Continued on-campus opportunities engage Vermont youth with UVM and connect them with UVM STEM resources, for now and for their post-secondary planning. UVM students have the opportunity to share the knowledge they are learning in their respective majors and gain valuable skills in collaboration, presentation, facilitation, and communication.  

Become a STEM Ambassador
A group of STEM Ambassadors develop a project plan for an upcoming event

Make an impact

Do you love learning? Do you enjoy working with kids? Are you enthusiastic about your STEM major? If you can say “yes” to these questions, you’d probably make a great STEM Ambassador!

  • STEM Ambassadors receive training in safely working with youth, the experiential education process and inquiry-based approaches, and the facilitation of hands-on learning modules.
  • STEM Ambassadors also have the opportunity to participate in a national Engineering Ambassadors annual training, with students from around the country.
  • STEM Ambassadors develop valuable skills such as facilitation, communication, presentation, and collaboration, as well as knowledge of youth development and experiential education.


  • We hire at the end of each semester. When openings are available, positions will be posted in JobX (job ID 9789).

Job Requirements

  • Majoring in a STEM subject
  • Interest in working with youth
  • Desire to represent UVM with enthusiasm 
  • Background check

Helpful Qualifications

  • Experience working with kids and teens
  • Your own transportation
  • Some availability during the school day and after school (between 9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Join us!

For more information contact: Margaret Coan at

Host a STEM Ambassador
STEM Ambassadors host program

Transform your scholars' education. Host a STEM Ambassador.

Possible topics for the hands-on activities include:

  • Engineering
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Animal Science
  • Healthy Living
  • Environmental Science

Schedule and planning

  • Programs can be during the school day or after school, and take place in school, at a community site (such as a library or community center), or an afterschool program. However, as college students, Ambassadors are mostly available for afterschool programming and on Saturdays. 
  • Programs usually take one hour, are free of charge, and the materials needed for each program can be provided, as needed.

Host site responsibilities

  • On-site adult supervision, with an age-appropriate youth-to-adult ratio
  • Participant recruitment
  • Appropriate physical space, or Zoom meeting link
  • Enrollment info. for each participant
  • Media release forms, as needed
  • Take attendance at each session
  • Complete evaluation and provide feedback to the STEM Ambassador program

Learn more!

To find out more and to schedule an event, contact Margaret Coan, 4-H Educator, Special Projects Lead, at or call 802-656-7634.

Meet the Ambassadors
STEM Ambassador Cora


Environmental Engineering

STEM Ambassador Elias


Mechanical Engineering

STEM Ambassador Sarah


Physics and Math

STEM Ambassador Cooper


Computer Science

STEM Ambassador Gal


Health Sciences

STEM Ambassador Sarah


Exercise Science

STEM Ambassador Aidan


Biomedical Engineering

STEM Ambassador Morgan


Civil Engineering

STEM Ambassador Emily


Biomedical Engineering

STEM Ambassador Adri


Environmental Engineering

STEM Ambassador Mish


Computer Science

STEM Ambassador Hannah


Nutrition and Food Sciences

STEM Ambassador Jordan


Civil Engineering

STEM Ambassador Skye



STEM Ambassador Grace


Environmental Science

STEM Ambassador Evy


Environmental Science



The STEM Ambassadors program is a collaboration between The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) and The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Extension.

For more information, please contact:

Margaret Coan 
4-H Educator, Special Projects Lead