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Our mission is to provide opportunities and resources to prepare CEMS students for active, productive, and successful postgraduate careers.

Career coaching services

Career roadmap

CEMS Career Advising

As you prepare to graduate from the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, you will have the opportunity to experience and complete action steps to make you ready for a career within your industry of choice. 

Learn more about the CEMS Career Readiness Roadmap

Gain experience

CEMS Career Experience

There are so many ways to get involved here at UVM to gain skills, experiences, and network. Check out some ways below:

Student Organizations:  Check out CEMS Student Organizations

Research Opportunities: Opportunities to research with CEMS faculty are available! Check out this resource guide to get started.

Internships: Internships are a great way to build your resume and network with professionals in the field. Make sure you have an account on Handshake to view positions that are hiring and check out this internship guide.

Work Study/Part Time Jobs: On or off-campus jobs are a great way to earn money AND gain transferrable skills to build your resume and build connections to make sure you have references for future positions. Check Handshake for positions.

Catcoders: Paid opportunities to complete a real-world CS Project for CEMS employers. Register as a CatCoder here.

And More! There are so many more ways to gain experience such as community service, job shadowing, micro-internships, studying abroad, fellowship, etc. Check out the UVM Career Center to learn more.

Recruit from CEMS

CEMS Interview Skills

Discover the many ways you can connect with students, alumni, and other local entrepreneurs through the resources at UVM and CEMS. We offer an employer partner program, job and internship postings, an engineering co-op program, career fairs, employer and alumni guest speakers, sponsored senior capstone projects, and more!

Learn more about recruiting from CEMS

Networking resources

CEMS Career Networking

Networking is an essential part of professional development and growth. It can help you gain industry knowledge, deepen your understanding of what positions you are interested in, and gain connections with professionals that could be used to get future internships or jobs.

Ways to Network Include:

UVM ConnectConnect with CEMS alums working all over the country to ask for job shadowing, advice, or to share industry expertise. Once in UVM Connect, please join the Science Technology, Engineering & Math Group to get connected with CEMS alumni and students.

LinkedIn - Alumni Insights ToolSearch through 75,000+ UVM alums on this platform by industry, region, and keyword. If you are just getting started on LinkedIn, joining UVM groups on LinkedIn will help you to grow your UVM network.

Informational Interviewing: An informational interview is a structured process of networking where you reach out to professionals to learn about career field and gain insights into your job search. You identify people in fields of interest, ask if they’d be willing to talk or meet with you, and arrange a time in which you interview them about their career. You should develop and ask most of the questions. Download our How to Network Guide (PDF).

Attend CEMS Events: Many employers will be invited to campus to table, speak on panels, and attend career fairs. Come to these events and introduce yourself to the employers before and/or after the programs! Browse the CEMS event calendar to view what is scheduled.

Additional networking resources can be found at the UVM Career Center 

Resumes and cover letters

CEMS Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

The purpose of resumes and cover letters are to communicate your interest, technical skills, and qualifications with a variety of individuals, including but not limited to, on and off-campus jobs, graduate school, involvement opportunities on campus, and ultimately with industry employers. Learn more about writing resumes and cover letters

Resources for resumes

Resources for cover letters

Interviewing skills

CEMS Interview Skills

Technical interviews are common within the professional fields of CEMS. Technical interviews are when a company asks you to problem solve and demonstrate your knowledge and skills through solving problems on the spot. 

Resources for Technical Interviews

Thank you notes

Thank you notes should be sent within 24-48 hours of an interview via email or written letter. It is a chance to thank the employer, express your continued interest in the position, and highlight any skills you would like to mention after the interview. See example(s) below.

Job and internship resources

CEMS Job and Internship Resources

CEMS students at UVM have a wealth of opportunities to explore internships, co-ops, and job prospects. These experiences are crucial for professional development throughout your academic journey.

The majority of CEMS students complete one or more internships during their time as UVM undergraduates. Most often, CEMS students complete full-time internships over the summer, though many also intern on a part-time basis during the academic year - typically at companies in the greater Burlington area or remotely. 

Learn more about job and internship resources

Connect with the Future

CEMS Events Calendar

For a complete listing of upcoming career-related programs, please view the Career Center's calendar of upcoming fairs and events.

Meet with the CEMS career coach
  • Sign up for an appointment using Navigate
  • In-person drop-in hours: Wednesdays: 1:30 – 3:30 pm in CEMS Student Services (Perkins 101).
  • Contact: Holly Fosher at or (802) 656-5488
  • Assist and coach students to secure practical, high-quality internships, co-ops, and jobs related to their major and career goals.
  • Coordinate and promote professional development opportunities for students to engage with employers, alumni, and community members to explore career paths, develop workplace skills, and build their network to enhance overall postgraduate success and satisfaction.
  • Foster partnerships with local companies to enhance student opportunities, allow employers the opportunity to participate in events and ensure the development of qualified entry-level candidates.
  • Improve student retention and recruitment. 

The CEMS Career Readiness Program is comprised of:

  • Career Advising & Planning: In addition to helping students prepare for, find, and secure a variety of different professional opportunities (internships, co-ops, job shadows, research positions, etc.), the CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator can meet with students to build their 4 Year Plan for Career Success, provide advice on how to build their professional network and prepare to pursue professional opportunities.
  • Employer Relations: The CEMS Career Readiness Coordinator conducts outreach to and supports various employers who may be interested in arranging or posting job and internship opportunities for CEMS students, sponsoring Senior Design projects, or getting involved at UVM.
  • Career & Professional Development Activities: The UVM Career Center and CEMS Career Readiness Program offer several career planning services and events including job and internship search workshops, interview preparation, job shadowing, career panels, and recruitment events.
  • CEMS Engineering Co-op Program: This program offers 9-12 month Cooperative Education experiences, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in the industry, and complete their own projects. Students interested in gaining industry experience for one year should discuss opportunities with CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator.
  • Classroom & Student Club/Organization Presentations: The CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator presents in various courses during students first year, and coordinates events and workshops with Student Clubs and Organizations.
Frequently asked questions

What internships will I get if I decide to come to UVM?

CEMS students complete a variety of experiential learning experiences during their undergraduate experiences and have support from the CEMS Career Readiness Program and the central Career Center to find great opportunities. Here are some testimonials of students at their internship sites.

How many students find internships

91% of UVM Undergraduates participate in experiential learning during their time at UVM, which we enthusiastically support in CEMS and across UVM.

What are experiential learning opportunities?

Experiential learning experiences include internshipsresearch experiences for undergraduatesco-ops, and volunteer engagement opportunities. UVM also offers students a lot of support to plan study abroad experiences and we have an Academic Advisor on our CEMS Student Services team who specializes in supporting CEMS students throughout their study aboard experience.

Will someone assist me with my internship and job search?

Yes! You can work with the CEMS Career Readiness Program and with the Career Center to find opportunities and strengthen your application materials like your resume and cover letter. We also help with interview preparation and how to manage the internship and job search process.

What support do the CEMS Career Readiness Program and UVM Career Center offer?

  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Job and internship search strategies and resources
  • Mock interviews & interview prep
  • Company and salary research
  • Negotiation coaching

Where have CEMS graduates gone on to work?

We are so proud of our UVM grads and all they contribute to their communities following graduation. See page 2 for specific employers in each CEMS discipline.

Can I choose to do a co-op as a CEMS student?

Yes, you can choose to pursue a co-op as a CEMS student if you’d like to! Co-ops are educational programs where student alternates periods of academic study with full-time employment in positions related to their academic and career interests. During their co-op experience, CEMS students apply knowledge gained in the classroom to practical work situations and gain additional knowledge and skills that will enhance future coursework and career preparation. All co-op positions are paid through salaries at the company hosting the co-op student and students maintain student status at UVM during their co-ops.