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Advancing our world

At CEMS, our world-class research programs extend far beyond the walls of the college. We engage in extensive interdisciplinary work with our colleagues in the Larner College of Medicine, the Rubenstein School of Environmental, and a broad range of departments and programs within UVM. Whether the work is in artificial intelligence, computer security, advanced biomaterials, or environmental engineering, the research work our students engage in contributes to important advances throughout the state and across the globe.

UVM students, graduates, and faculty continue to heed the call for new solutions to challenging problems, and we actively recruit committed, curious minds to be part of the effort.


UVM students, graduates, and faculty are heeding the call for new solutions to challenging problems. We’re actively seeking committed, curious minds to be part of the effort. Join us.

Artificial Intelligence robot

Artificial intelligence

UVM's artificial intelligence group uses new machine learning and neural net algorithms in applications ranging from self-building robots to disease prevention to smart agriculture.

Artificial Intelligence Research at UVM
a person runs on a treadmill while another looks at bio data

Biomedical engineering

A hub for the design, development, and testing of biomedical devices and systems with a focus on rural healthcare, the Center for Biomedical Engineering supports and trains inventors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who will bring advanced biomedical technologies to Vermont and the world.

UVM's Center for Biomedical Innovation
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Complex systems

The Vermont Complex Systems Center, hosts centers of excellence funded by Mass Mutual, Google, and Amazon. This expanding group focuses on applications of complex systems paradigms to systems such as power grids, social networks, robotics, and biological systems to improve our quality of life.

Vermont Complex Systems Center
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Computer security

The computer security and privacy group focuses on new developments for security and privacy for information systems, with an emphasis on formal and foundational methods, programming languages, and privacy and security related to machine learning.

Center for Computer Security and Privacy
a hand works on an electrical device

Electrical energy and power systems

The electrical energy and power systems group collaborates with local, state, and industry partners on impactful research to ensure our energy and power systems are optimized as our grid and lifestyle power needs transition to an increasing reliance on renewable energy sources.

Electrical Energy and Power Systems Research
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Materials and biomaterials

The materials and biomaterials group focuses on the development of new materials for pressing societal applications. Recent research includes nanoscale heat transfer and mechanics, nanofilled polymer composites, and polymeric materials for biomedical applications.

Materials Science Graduate Program
CEMS Plasma Lab

Transport processes and particulates

CEMS Researchers study the dynamics of fluids, heat and mass transfer, and processes related to particulate transport in diverse applications, covering aeronautics, biofluids, water treatment, environmental flows, groundwater flows, renewable energy, and automotive emissions.

Transport processes and particulates research