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The UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences brings Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Data Science, and Engineering into a world-class complex with robust opportunities for cross-disciplinary exploration.

We believe the future sits at the nexus of these fields. Data use, artificial intelligence, and advancements in technology are creating new industries, providing vital help in addressing issues of climate change and sustainable energy, and identifying trends in health and wellness that will help people live healthier and more productive lives.

Our programs are engineered to provide discovery through experience–leading to satisfying careers solving problems that improve quality of life.

Additional Programs

Interdisciplinary Engineering Programs

The Bachelor's of Science (BS) degree in Engineering is a non-departmental degree designed for students who desire a strong foundation in engineering science in preparation for an interdisciplinary engineering specialty.

The ability to design, produce, sell, and service quality products in today's marketplace requires managers who understand engineering principles as well as possess the skills to manage technical projects and professionals. The Engineering Management program is designed to give undergraduates a solid engineering base coupled with a business preparation that will enable them to fill dynamic managerial roles in technical industries.

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