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At UVM’s College of Arts and Sciences, participation, engagement, and commitment are central to who and what we are.

Ask any UVM student what makes the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) distinctive, and you are likely to hear many different answers. For some, it’s about the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with world-class professors willing to share their most recent scientific discovery, archival find, or work of art. For others, it’s about the chance to gain an understanding of unfamiliar environments, geographies, or cultures. Or it’s about the opportunity to pursue a meaningful internship with organizations committed to eradicating hunger, improving housing, or sharing history with the wider public. All interests can be accommodated here with one central goal in mind: creating meaningful educational experiences that not only foster learning but also prepare you for an impactful professional future.

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First-Year Experience Programs

In your first year at UVM, you can explore the many learning communities that make up the College of Arts and Sciences. Through interactions both inside and outside the classroom, you’ll establish lifelong relationships with your professors and peers while also becoming an active citizen.

First-Year Experience Programs


The College takes a proactive and innovative approach to student internships by offering a range of unique opportunities. In pursuing an internship for academic credit, you as a CAS student can combine meaningful and purposeful work experience with regular classroom meetings.

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At UVM, we like to say that we have a club for every culture, interest, and end goal! From the world-acclaimed Lawrence Debate Union to the Vermont Cynic newspaper, to fly-fishing, skiing, and horticulture, we have 200+ clubs and organizations to enrich your UVM experience.

UVM clubs and organizations
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Study abroad

UVM offers many opportunities for undergraduates to study abroad. Ranging from traditional semester or full academic year programs in places like Auckland or Glasgow, to field study programs in Costa Rica, to week-long programs in Ecuador, experiences accommodate just about any interest or program.

Study abroad opportunities