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High school programs differ a great deal; your grades or the number of years you have studied may not be a good guide to the course that will be best for you. The placement test helps determine the UVM French or Spanish course level appropriate to your abilities, if you intend to continue study of those languages.

If you have studied any other language offered at UVM, and want to continue in that language, please enroll in the level you think appropriate to your training; your language instructor will work with you when the semester starts to make sure you are enrolled in the appropriate class. If you want to start a new language, please enroll in the 1100 level course.

Incoming students

If you plan on enrolling in French or Spanish at any level, you must take the placement test within three months of enrolling in a class. If you do not meet this prerequisite, you will be disenrolled from the course automatically.

You must take the test even if you've never formally studied the language.

When you come to Orientation you can discuss your score with an advisor from one of the language departments, and that score in conjunction with your grades and the number of years of study will help determine your placement.

If you have studied a language in high school and have plans to continue, our advice is not to put it off. Foreign language knowledge, like musical or sports training, needs to be maintained.

If you place at the 1100 level in one language and find that enrollment options are limited, consider testing for an additional language.

Placement test instructions and access

Please read all of the instructions below prior to accessing the placement test.

  • Allow 15-30 minutes to complete the test.
  • Your score may not be recorded properly if you do not complete the test on the same day that you started it, so plan to complete it in one sitting. Email with questions.
  • The test site requires creating a separate account, you must remember this account information so that you can access your score in the future, take additional tests, or continue an incomplete test.
  • Please use a different password for this account from your UVM or other personal accounts.
  • You must use a computer (not an iPhone or iPad) and either the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox web browsers. At this time the test does not support Apple's Safari web browser.
  • The test requests a "Student ID" as part of the account registration.  Enter your UVM netID in this location. Please do not use any other identification number (e.g. your "95 number").

Access the Foreign Language Placement Test

If you are continuing an earlier exam, or want to access your exam report click “I already have an account,” and login with the account and password you created previously. Otherwise:

  1. Enter First name, Last name, Email, Student ID (UVM netID!), and a password (different from your UVM email password).
  2. Click the checkbox next to "I agree to the Privacy Policy"
  3. Click "Create Account."
  4. On the "Account Created Successfully" screen, click "Sign In."
  5. Log in again using the account and password you just created.
  6. Click "Take Test" under the desired language test and follow the on screen instructions.
  7. Complete the pre-test survey, then click "Begin Test."
  8. When completed, click "See Score Report" to view your test score. Print this page for your records and bring the information with you to your June orientation or advising appointment.
  9. Click the "Exit to Dashboard"to leave the test.

Access the foreign language placement test

Placement test scores and levels

French score ranges and course levels

ScoreRecommended Level
Below 226FREN 1100
226-300FREN 1200
301-370FREN 2100
371-440FREN 2200
Above 440FREN 3000 level*

​* We recommend that students scoring above 440 and considering a major/minor in French enroll in FREN 3110. Another option is FREN 3115. Students with superior preparation may qualify for higher-numbered courses with permission of instructor.

Spanish score ranges and course levels

ScoreRecommended Level
Below 226SPAN 1100
226-300SPAN 1200
301-370SPAN 2100
371-440SPAN 2200/2202
Above 440SPAN 3000 level*

* We recommend that students scoring above 440 and considering a major/minor in Spanish enroll in SPAN 3110. Other options are SPAN 3120 or SPAN 3102. Note that SPAN 109 and 111 count as elective credit for the major but do not count for the minor.  Students with superior preparation may qualify for higher-numbered courses with permission of instructor.

Frequently asked questions

Why have I been disenrolled from my class?

  • You enrolled in a course below the level into which you tested. You can register for a course at the correct level, or email us to help you register.
  • You did not fully complete and/or submit your placement test, or you did not take the appropriate test. You can log in to the exam again, and continue where you left off. (This process also works if the exam is interrupted, as long as at least one question was answered). Then finish the exam and/or submit it, and register for a course at the correct level.
  • You did not enter your netID in the "Student ID" field OR the name you entered does not match how you are listed in the registration system. If you took the appropriate test and submitted it, but can’t access your results to verify your placement because of a discrepancy, email us to help verify your placement.
  • You have not taken the necessary prerequisite course(s). Check your Degree Audit report in myUVM or speak with your advisor if you have questions about prerequisite courses.

What if I need to retake a test?

Reach out via email if you need to retake a test. We will send an email invitation that will allow you to retake the test.

What if I don’t believe the test score placed me at the right level?

Email us if you don’t think that the placement test accurately reflects your language ability.

What if I want to enroll in a different level course than where I was placed?

Depending on your test score, this may not be possible. We recommend that you speak with an instructor to determine the best option for you. 


If you have questions regarding the Language Placement test, or issues around accessing or completing the test, please contact College of Arts and Sciences Student Services at or (802) 656-3344.