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Our faculty members are world-class scholars, dedicated to excellence in teaching as well as excellence in scholarship, who are committed to graduate education. In addition to doctoral and regular master’s programs, the college also offers a range of accelerated master’s programs.

Accelerate your timeline

CAS students are able to earn both their undergraduate degree and a Masters degree in just 5 years. The AMP allows early admission to graduate studies with up to 6 concurrent credits double-counted toward the bachelor's and master's degrees, effectively a 6 credit scholarship for the graduate program. Most programs also allow students to take an additional 3 credits of graduate coursework while still an undergraduate, but these credits may not be double-counted.

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Accelerated master's programs


The objective of our Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Biochemistry is to provide students both a theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental biochemical concepts while preparing students for careers in research (academic or industrial) or increasing their competitiveness for additional graduate degrees.

Biochemistry A.M.P.


An accelerated master's degree in biology can be earned in a shortened time by applying and being accepted in the junior year of undergraduate work. Biology, Biological Science, Zoology, Neuroscience, Environmental Science, or Biochemistry majors should discuss this possibility with the department’s graduate program director as soon as they think they might be interested in the program. The A.M.P. M.S. is expected to be earned in one additional year.

Biology A.M.P.


The Department of Chemistry seeks to provide interested undergraduates the opportunity to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry in an accelerated, five-year track through the accelerated master’s program. The program retains the core academic rigors of our traditional master’s program, including a breadth of chemical knowledge and research experience. The accelerated master’s program provides students a competitive position for graduate programs and careers in chemical industry based on the increased content knowledge and practical experience.

Chemistry A.M.P.

Computer science

Strong undergraduates (GPA ≥ 3.2) studying Computer Science, Computer Science and Information Systems, or Data Science are eligible to apply for an Accelerated Masters Program in Computer Science, Complex Systems and Data Science, or any other master's program offered through CEMS for which they have the prerequisites. A.M.P. students may apply 6 approved credits of 200-level courses towards both their bachelor's and master's degrees, thus enabling completion of the master's degree in one additional year beyond their bachelor's.

Computer science A.M.P.

Curriculum and instruction

If you're interested in teaching, consider applying for an A.M.P. that will allow you combine your major with a teaching license.

Middle-level education A.M.P.

Secondary education A.M.P. 


Earn a Master's Degree in English identical to our standard two-year M.A. on an accelerated timeline by beginning the work before graduating from UVM. Normally a B.A. plus M.A. takes six years, so an accelerated degree saves you both time and tuition dollars.

English A.M.P.

Historic preservation

The UVM Historic Preservation Accelerated Master’s Program provides an opportunity for capable undergraduate UVM students to enroll directly in the Historic Preservation graduate program while taking advantage of Accelerated Master’s Program degree incentives.

Historic preservation A.M.P.


Undergraduate history majors at UVM may apply to the Accelerated Master’s Program in History. Students admitted to the program will work simultaneously on their B.A. and M.A. requirements, counting up to six concurrent credits toward both the B.A. and the M.A. degrees. A.M.P. students may thus complete both B.A. and M.A. degrees in just five years.

History A.M.P.


The Accelerated Masters Program in Mathematics is designed so that students with a strong ability and motivation can complete a bachelors degree in mathematics, science, or engineering, as well as a masters degree in mathematics within five years. The A.M.P. is specifically designed to integrate the undergraduate and graduate portions so that students in it receive both the breadth and depth they would achieve had they completed two separate degree programs.

Mathematics A.M.P.


The Accelerated Master’s Degree Program in Pharmacology is designed to offer select UVM undergraduate science majors the opportunity to obtain both their Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Pharmacology in a total of five years of study. Students may choose to complete either a thesis-based or non-thesis A.M.P. The objective of this program is to provide a broad knowledge base of pharmacological concepts, preparing students for careers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries; or to increase their competitiveness to pursue additional graduate degrees.

Pharmacology A.M.P.


The Department of Physics at UVM offers a master of science degree in physics. In addition, the department participates in the Materials Science Program in which students can get either an M.S. or a Ph.D.

Physics A.M.P.

Psychological science

An Accelerated Master’s degree in Psychological Science can be earned in one additional year after the Bachelor’s degree.  Students apply to the Accelerated Master’s Program in Psychology in their junior year and are accepted prior to their senior year. A thesis-based and a non-thesis based option is offered.  For students who wish to pursue research-related careers and/or increase their competitiveness for Ph.D. programs, the thesis option is recommended. For students who need a Master’s degree for a non-research related career, for example in education, law, or business, the non-thesis option is recommended.

Psychological science A.M.P.

Public health

The University of Vermont Program in Public Health is an innovative, online, interdisciplinary, accredited Public Health Program offering the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree. The program is a collaboration of disciplines, through its faculty and community of students, that is both academic and applicable to the health needs of actual populations, in both health care and community settings. Graduates experience a comprehensive foundation of population health sciences to prepare them as they enter health care fields, public health practice, or further advanced study at the Doctoral level in public health and related sciences.

Public health A.M.P.


The Statistics Program offers biostatistics, statistics, and probability courses for the entire University community along with traditional degree programs and individually designed degree programs emphasizing statistics applied to other fields. The degree programs are designed primarily for students who plan careers in business, actuarial science, industry, and government or advanced training in disciplines that make extensive use of statistical principles and methods.

Statistics A.M.P.