PEAKS Program | Grossman School of Business | The University of Vermont(title)

Easily expand your digital profile using the Grossman School of Business Professional Engagement And Knowledge System (PEAKS).

The Grossman School of Business (GSB) has partnered with the application Suitable to launch PEAKS — Professional Engagement And Knowledge Systems.

PEAKS is a badging program that provides credentials to reward students for pursuing pathways related to their areas of interest, professional development, and career goals. These badges track a student’s involvement in extracurriculars; attendance at on- and off-campus events and activities; completion of internships, projects, and certain courses; and more. Once you complete all of a pathway’s required activities, congratulations — you have a new badge on PEAKS!

Using Suitable, you can show your badges to employers to not just demonstrate what you’ve learned, but show evidence of how you learned it. It is a great way to prove to employers that you have gone above and beyond! PEAKS will help you stand out for internships, jobs, and other opportunities, all while pursuing activities that excite you.

Accessing PEAKS

Log onto PEAKS with your UVM NetID email (e.g.,, not and UVM credentials, and you’re in!

Access PEAKS on your mobile device by downloading the Suitable app from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store. Log in with your UVM NetID email and UVM credentials to access PEAKS!


Once you are logged into PEAKS, you can see badges that are available to you by navigating to “Achievements” on the right hand menu.

When you attend an event that is listed in PEAKS, you can either scan the QR code provided during this event (GSB events only), or submit an event you attended for approval. More details will be available soon as we continue to expand our PEAKS program.

Professional Development Series

Explorer Badge: Year 1

  • Create a foundation for success including academic support, professional development tools and information literacy.
  • Engage with Grossman School of Business (GSB) faculty, staff, alums, and colleagues.
  • Understand the importance of getting involved in co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities at GSB and UVM.

Builder Badge: Year 2

  • Build your own career portfolio with your resume, your online profiles, and more as you prepare to apply for internship and job opportunities.
  • Establish your professional network through GSB and UVM alumni connections.
  • Strengthen your interview skills with practice sessions and mock interviews.

Pathfinder Badge: Year 3

  • Navigate the ‘college to career’ transition, on topics ranging from negotiating a salary to choosing the right benefits package for you.
  • Explore targeted internship and job opportunities aligned with your personal career interests and goals.
  • Grow your professional network, seek a mentor and participate in multiple Career Fairs.