Mission and Strategic Plan | Grossman School of Business | The University of Vermont(title)

The Grossman School of Business develops leaders of sustainable businesses that address complex economic, social, and environmental challenges in a dynamic global environment.

Our Mission at Grossman School

We develop entrepreneurially thinking graduates who are professional and technically competent. We foster an inclusive community that respects and embraces diverse perspectives, identities, and experiences. Our faculty create impact through teaching, research, and scholarship.

Our Strategic Plan at Grossman School

The Grossman School of Business contributes to the mission and vision of the University of Vermont through our strategic plan below and align with our learning outcomes and Inclusive Excellence Plan.

(Approved by the Grossman School of Business faculty April 20, 2016)


The Grossman School of Business at the University of Vermont will be recognized as a leader in business education and scholarly research. Graduates of its programs will have mastered the technical tools of business and developed the capacity for and commitment to life-long learning. The school will distinguish itself by the intellectual rigor of its undergraduate and graduate programs and the integration of faculty research and professional experience into the curriculum.

Shared Principles
  • A commitment to excellence in teaching through:
    • Delivering a rigorous curriculum that provides students with state-of-the-art knowledge necessary to compete in an increasingly integrated international economy
    • Cultivating the students’ passion for life-long learning and problem solving
    • Emphasizing critical-thinking, analytical, and writing skills as well as cross functional awareness
    • Developing strong leadership skills and the ability to function effectively in teams
  • A commitment to excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge through:
    • Producing high quality peer-reviewed research publications
    • Obtaining public and private support for research
    • Sharing research insights with external constituencies
    • Engaging students in the research experience
  • A commitment to interact with other academic units and the business community at large:
    • Promoting students’ appreciation for and understanding of the nature and extent of a firm’s responsibilities
    • Engaging alumni and business in curricular and co-curricular delivery
    • Utilizing alumni and business contacts to improve employment prospects
    • Developing and delivering continuing/executive business education programs
    • Encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration in teaching and research with other academic units at UVM and other institutions
  • A commitment to excellence in the academic environment through:
    • Ensuring ethical behavior on the part of administration, faculty, staff, and students
    • Creating a physical environment that ensures students have the opportunity to learn]
    • Delivering the preponderance of instruction by full-time tenure-track faculty
    • Providing a collegial environment that promotes civil discourse among those holding divergent points of view
Aspiration Statements

Faculty and staff of the Grossman School of Business are committed to enhance the national recognition of the school and its resource base.

  • Increase the quality of the curriculum by:
    • Creating an environment in which students and faculty perform at a high standard
    • Improving student command of business fundamentals, critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Developing a set of consistent expectations for student performance and professionalism
    • Developing leadership and teamwork skills
    • Assessments of faculty performance in line with identification of priorities
  • Increase the impact of our research by:
    • Increasing the number of refereed top tier publications
    • Increasing externally funded research
    • Increasing faculty involvement in national and international academic venues
    • Increasing the number of students involved in research
  • Increase the quality of the linkages between colleges and the community by:
    • Ensuring students are exposed to an open discussion of socioeconomic issues and the social/environmental responsibility of business
    • Encouraging faculty to involve alumni in classes and to develop experiential learning projects and/or applied research where appropriate
    • Attracting more companies to interview students for full-time and internship positions
    • Delivering community-focused events each academic year
  • Increase the excellence of our academic environment by:
    • Enhancing support for curriculum, research and engagement by increasing the school’s endowment
    • Upgrading and enhancing the Kalkin infrastructure to maintain a state-of-the art facility for teaching and learning
    • Providing faculty and staff with annual professional development opportunities
Goal Statements for the Grossman School of Business

Our goal statements help us prioritize our daily, weekly, and monthly activities for the benefit of our learning community: 

  • Continuously improve undergraduate and graduate curricula
  • Conduct and share research that enhances the understanding of organizational performance
  • Build a vibrant network of relationships between students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community
  • Enhance the resource base of the school